Lowdown on the TTT (Text Talk Translation)

So you happen across your kid’s cell phone and happen to browse through the text messages sent and received.  You think you are all slick until, what the…… It is written in some sort of alien code that you are not able to comprehend.   Now, I am not so in the dark that I do not get the obvious things like LOL, smh and brb, but some of these texts are completely confusing.

I know, this violates their privacy and is just like when our parents read our diaries and blah blah blah….whatever.   I will not make excuses for my spying.  I am nosey and intrusive when it comes to my kids and fully own up to it.

First, I try to figure it out myself.   Then I am forced to phone a friend who has been there and done that since she has a teenage daughter and she directs me to this site:http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php  and lo and behold, I now have somewhat of a clue what the kids are talking about.  Some of the acronyms on this page are quite foul and downright raunchy and I am grateful that I have not had to decipher any of those yet from my own kids’ phones.  Some are just plain stupid and make no sense at all.

Here is another site I found that lets you enter the text itself and it will translate it into plain English for you.


So at least now I can spy with  a bit more accuracy. BEG LOL BHIMBGO!!


7.28.14   Update!  I have recently discovered that my text savviness has dwindled.  Here is another link to translate a whole new line of lingo…


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