Parents of Sandburg Freshmen-Top 10 things you need to know



It can be an exciting(and stressful) time in our lives, sending our eldest off to a new school to embark on the next level of their educational careers.

That was me three years ago (and two years ago, and last year).  I now have three at Sandburg, each having a unique high school experience. My once newbie freshman is about to enter his senior year and I can assure you, all is well.

After a few (or ten) recent panicky phone calls from friends with incoming freshman, I thought it would be nice to share my, ala David Letterman,

Top 10 things you need to know for Parents of Sandburg Freshmen:


10-Parent organizations-PFSA, Music Boosters, Athletic Boosters….join them, attend a meeting if you can, volunteer some time and support them.  Parents start to take a back seat at this age and it is a great way to stay connected. These are the organizations that make things that would not otherwise be possible, happen.  Not to mention that if you are part of these organizations for all four years, your child will be eligible for scholarships from them.

9-Spirit Wear! Get some.  For your student, for yourself, for your future Sandburg Eagles.  Wear it often and proudly!


7-Tell your student, if they need help, ASK.  Teachers and staff (and other students) are there to help.  Not sure about where a class is…ask.  Wondering where you can go for extra academic help?  Ask.

6-Football Games!  Sandburg has a winning spirit that is great to be a part of.  The first home football game of the year is on August 26.  In addition to the football game, you will get to enjoy the Sandburg Eaglettes, cheerleaders, marching band and awesome community pride.

5-Gym Uniforms- Your child will get a gym uniform in class if one was paid for upon registration.  Buy an extra one.

4-2nd hour Advisory??? Advisory, in my opinion, is social/emotional/academic assistance class.  The kids are in the same advisory class for all of their time at Sandburg.  They can stay in advisory for this time period, participate in the activities/discussion or go to get resources/assistance/tutoring in subjects where they need a little extra help.

3-If they haven’t already become involved in sports/activities at Sandburg, encourage them to do so.  All three of my Sandburg kids are in the music program (one of the best around) as well as sports and clubs.  There are so many options ranging from Bass Fishing to Football and too many to mention.  Visit this page and click “Co-Curricular Guide” under the Documents pane on the left.

2-Yes, your child has seven minutes to get to class between classes, and YES this is plenty of time to get from point A to point B and even have a little social interaction while walking at a steady pace. I promise.


1-Do you remember when they were babies and someone inevitably told you that if you were nervous/tense/upset that the baby would feel that? Relax.  If your now-teenager sees you stressing out, chances are that will only make them more nervous. Sandburg is a great place to go to school, with amazing teachers/staff/students.  They are going to be just fine!


Here’s to a great school year!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Advisory has been so important for my older high schoolers! Oh … and late start Wednesdays is a household favorite!!

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