‘Tis The Week Before Christmas

I came across this facebook post that was written by a former District 135 teacher in support of an end to a long overdue contract negotiation process.  Regina Knapp has given me her permission to repost here and said that although she does not know any specifics in regards to the contract negotiations, she wanted to show her solidarity with her former colleagues as well as her desire for a resolution to the ongoing negotiations.
I enjoyed it, I hope you do as well!

‘Tis The Week Before Christmas

by Regina Knapp
“Tis the week before Christmas, and all through our schools
Teachers’ spirits are sagging.  We’ve all got the blues.
But our lessons are ready, prepared with great care,
We’ve students to teach; holiday fun to share.
The children are dreaming of magical days ahead …
While the teachers are apprehensive; worried instead
About a school board who may not rouse from their nap
Though the future of many they hold in their grasp.
Out in the community we begin to hear a clatter
As parents clamor to learn just what is the matter!
They didn’t know there was a problem, they must confess,
Until recently unsettling news appeared in the press.
Teachers working without a contract ~ a sad situation.
The school board for 9 months has dragged out negotiation.
Hopeful eyes are waiting for this to appear:
Seven board members for whom things become clear.
And administration who backs up their dedicated teachers,
Realizing they are 350 of the district’s best features.
The December 21st meeting is coming so quick.
We’re hoping we can go home without feeling sick.
So let’s shout and whistle and call them by name,
And hope they’ll put an end to this game!
Now Howell, Now, Carmody! Now, Cunningham and Gentile!
Now, Zekich! Now, Donegan!  Now, LaMargo and Bragg!
To the District Office to negotiate! Do it!  Don’t stall!
Now dash away, Dash away, Dash away all!
And show Orland Park what you mean by “good faith”
Because the parents, the students, the teachers can’t wait!
You can do this, stewards of District 135.
Help your community schools to flourish and thrive.
Take care of business.  Do what is best.
Finish this contract, and we’ll go home to rest.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!

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4 Responses to ‘Tis The Week Before Christmas

  1. Anonymous says:

    They should be happy to have a job as many do not right now. Instead you shoudl push the district to improve their sub-par special education services for those students who fall between the cracks of main stream and life skill classes.

  2. Mom of 4 says:

    They can’t work on improving things as long as people with personal agendas are making decisions out of vengeance and to promote their self interests. Our school board needs an overhaul because as long as they punish people by relocating their office and giving their friends job, our district will suffer!

  3. charming says:

    Your school days are numbered….you will be standing in the soup line just like the rest of the ‘working orland’! It’s unbelievable that teachers and admins will seek personal benefits while throwing our kids under the bus to get a raise!!!! Schools will follow every union industry to hell just like steel, textiles, automotive, airlines and now states! Here in Illinois, we are asking our National government to bail us out just like those in ‘teacher’ California, New York and New Jersey!!!! Until people of Orland finally realize that the TU isn’t for the kids (‘until the kids pay union dues’), we all suffer! And eventually so will the teachers and so will their very own kids (who I do honestly presume they do really care about!!!!!)

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