Here We Go ‘Round The District 135 Rumor Mill…

Now that a tentative agreement has been made between the board and the union reps, we now sit back and wait until the January meeting when it becomes official.  Read the press release here.  Many rumors have been flying around about changes in the administration but nothing has been confirmed….yet.   Here is what I have heard from other parents, local business owners and my neighbor’s hair dresser’s cousin’s mailman’s sister’s pet poodle. 

  • Superintendent Dr. Paul Howell may be shuffled into Laura Berry’s current position, after she possibly not-so-willingly retires.
  • Dennis Soustek, who was the Superintendent prior to Howell, may be the interim Super until a replacement is named.  I have heard his term may last only one year, and then I heard only until June, who knows?
  • There may be a strong division on the board that is split 4-3.  Carmody, Cunningham, Gentile and Zekich regularly (from what I have heard) disagree with Bragg, La Margo and Donnegan.  That being said, there seems to be a rare mutual agreement among them that calling in Soustek at this time was the right thing to do.
  • This one I know as fact….regular parent and citizen attendance at the Committee of the Whole meetings is vital.  This is where policies are discussed, committees present and explain how our tax dollars are being used and why.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have heard so many great opinions, ideas and proposals for our district from parents.  I don’t think even one of them has bothered to email, call or contact their school board representatives or administration to voice their concerns.  I believe that in order for our school district to remain the shining example it has always been, we need to work together as a community to make sure it remains so.

Thank you to the board and union reps for coming to a tentative agreement before the Christmas break.  I’m sure we all will rest a bit easier with all of this behind us.

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