Snow Much Fun!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am super excited about the news of the long-awaited arrival of a real snowfall!  There is just something about the way the snow blankets everything, making even the simplest of backyard items seem almost majestic.  Last year the kids watched in amazement as we got our first heavy snowfall.  They stood at the patio door before school and just oohed and aahed at the possibilities of the snowmen, forts and angels they could make.  The fact that they had to go to school on this day, of all days, was torture!

It brought me back to my own childhood and the excitement of a day spent in the snow followed by hot cocoa and my mom’s peanut butter cookies just out of the oven.  As the kids sat down to have breakfast, I quickly announced that we were going to have a snow day.  The kids couldn’t contain their excitement. 

We bundled up and headed to the snow hill at Centennial Park.  We had it all to ourselves since most people were at school or work on a weekday morning.  I highly recommend the impromptu snow day off of school and work.  The kids had a great time and on top of that had bragging rights for the next day at school.

If Mother Nature holds up her end of the deal, it looks like we will be enjoying another impromptu snow day very soon!  See you on the sledding hills!

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