Halloween Costume Madness



So, one of our favorite holidays is soon approaching!  My two younger kids are all excited about the upcoming parties, trick or treating and above all else…COSTUMES!

My 7-year-old son was quick and easy.  He went through the bins of Halloween stuff and decided he would be a ninja for one party, Mario for another and maybe Darth Vader for trick or treating.  Done, zip…boom.

My 11 year-old-daughter was another story.  She told me not to worry, that she was wearing a hand-me-down costume she was given by an older niece.  It was called the “star of the sea” or something along those lines.  How cute!  I pictured a sparkly, age appropriate  mermaid costume and didn’t give it another thought.  She is attending a local party sponsored by the Village of Orland Park tomorrow night, so I asked her to try on the costume to make sure it fit.  That is where it all went downhill.

Out she strutted in a get-up that seemed more appropriate if she were to be dancing around a pole than at a community gathering.  The skirt, if you can call it that, was more of a belt.  The midriff was bare.  Stockings…..fishnet.  Modesty…non-existent.  I asked for the package it came in.  Ages 12 and up, it read.  Pffft.

How do you tell your  baby girl that she looks trashy?  You don’t.  I simply told her that she would be cold and I would give her a few things to wear along with it to make sure she stays warm.  These things may or may not include a full robe, just saying.

So when she went off to school today, I ventured into one of those temporary pop-up Halloween super centers here in town.  I walked among the other freaked out moms desperately seeking appropriate, last-minute costumes and accessories for their children.

As I browsed through the costumes that would fit my 5’4″ 11-year-old, I noticed a trend.  Trashy was the theme, and it was everywhere.  These costumes were obscene.

I turned to one mom who was in the same predicament.  I knew this because she was on the phone with her child telling her that yes, they have the rock star costume she wanted, but, in her words “Over my dead body are you wearing this smut.”  We quickly became friends and talked for much too long about the evolution of costumes over the years.

Conclusion, she will wear the trashy sea tramp costume, but actual solid leggings will be added, skirt will be suddenly longer (thanks to two yards of tulle and my sewing machine), and a long sleeve black tee will cover up that midriff.

Lesson learned, and I will plan ahead for next year.

How did you all fare with costumes for this year?  What do you do about the trashy costume availability when it comes to your daughters?






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2 Responses to Halloween Costume Madness

  1. EM says:

    It might be prudent to teach your daughter why modesty is a good idea, so that she won’t want to wear the slutty stuff (or if she still does, then she’ll at least know what she’s getting herself into).

    • My daughter is very aware of modesty and the reasons behind it. She wouldn’t think of wearing anything like this costume on any given day, but when the aspect of a costume is brought into the equation, then things change a bit and rules fly to the wayside. No worries, as you read in the post, I have corrected the problem. Thank you for your comment and advice!

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