Ugliness Lawsuit?


At first I thought this was a joke.  A reader sent me an email about a man who sued his wife for, well, misrepresenting her natural attributes.  Turns out it was true!

I guess she had a large amount of plastic surgery prior to their marriage and once she delivered their first child, the husband declared the baby “incredibly ugly” (what an ass) and accused his wife of cheating because the baby looked like neither of them.  The wife came clean about the face altering surgery of her past, the husband took his grievance to the divorce courts in Northern China, and WON!

Here is the article from the Daily Mail with the before and after photos.

So what do you think, should people have to come clean about plastic surgery of their past to their significant others prior to marriage?  Although I believe honesty is always the best policy, I also think the foundations of marriage should be based on love and respect for attributes other than the superficial.

I guess it’s time to come clean to my husband about the Dave Letterman-like space I had between my front teeth prior to braces.  Shhhhhh!

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