Happy Kids Back at School Day!!!


Spring break was interesting, the family stayed around home and we spent LOTS of time together.  What started out as relaxation quickly turned to annihilation as the kids turned on each other within days and began what I have come to refer to as the Battle-brawl fight to the death. “Mom! He touched me!”, “Mom, she is in my room!”, “Mom, it’s my TURN!!!”

I called my husband at work yesterday and asked him to begin planning for my birthday gift.  An airline ticket, TO ANYWHERE.  He laughed, and I was not joking.  “It can be to friggin’ Detroit for all I care.”  As long as I am alone and no one calls me mom, asks me to drive them somewhere, requests a sandwich via text or makes me spend my entire paycheck at Gamestop and Claires.  (disclaimer:I’m sure Detroit is lovely, don’t hate.)

When my kids were in diapers, whining and needing constant attention, I thought life was hard.  I had three in diapers at one time and often thought I would lose my mind were it not for the overabundance of cuteness and love that came with the mayhem.

Now that those same three are around the teen years, I see that diapers and bottles were a breeze.  The teen and preteen hormones that are circulating around my house are leaving no room for sanity.

I will never, ever, spend Spring Break home with the kids again.  From now on, I will plan elaborate vacations to keep the little emotional battle brawl champs occupied.

I watched all four kids get on the buses and THE DAY IS MINE!

Enjoy the silence of the day while it lasts!

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