Reader Questions


I get many really good reader questions, mostly regarding being a mom and living in Orland Park (go figure) and most of the time I can answer them on my own, and do.

This one, however, required a professional opinion.  I thought I would share….

Q: I live in Orland Park and know that you have four children, as I do, and wondered if you could help. My children are all in private school and I find I’m drowning in debt, (car, credit card, mortgage, tuition and household). I can’t save any money from our paychecks even though both my husband and I have good paying jobs. Do you have any suggestions?

SO, I reached out to a woman who has helped me in the past when I had questions about 401k transfers and college savings plans.  Her name is Bobby Riemer of Financial Growth Advisors and her advice not only helped me, but I know will be of use to others as well. Here is her response to the reader question posted above:

A: Yes I do. What if I told you that I could help you pay off your debt in 9 years or less including your mortgage without paying ONE dollar more than you are currently paying would that be of interest to you? Please have your reader call me, I can help! (630)705-3080.

Call Bobby should you wish to have a free consultation.

I am sorting through the other questions and will do my best to post weekly!

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