Bragging Rights or Wrong?

As a parent I am guilty of it, and I admit it.  I tend to go on and on about my children, their accomplishments, cute little things they do and say and so on and so forth.  I catch myself ten minutes into a conversation and all I have done is brag about my babies.  I brag to my family, friends, neighbors, the check out lady at Jewel and well, you get the picture.  My friends and family respectfully put up with it.  My husband thinks it is wonderful. 

Then there are the people who do not enjoy it as much.  Sure, they smile and try their hardest to seem interested (bless their hearts) but the natural tendencies to breathe a sigh that translates to “Oh my gosh let this woman shut the heck up already!” or the subtle eye roll that squeaks by speaks volumes.  I get it, I mean I was many a times on the receiving end of the longer than normal conversations of how someone’s precious angel said the darndest thing or looked so darling in their school recital.  Before I was a mother I just didn’t get it.  How in the world could these people take so much pride in the first poopy in the potty accomplishment of their son?  What was so interesting about your daughter saying something cute?  Have I really become one of those people who find these things so entertaining and actually believe people want to hear about them? 

Yes, I have.  And I apologize to the people who have been subjected to my endless hours of bragging about my children.  I see it this way though….I am a Mom.  That is my job.  It is what I do, day in, day out.  I do not work on projects in an office where I am given annual reviews of my work or raises in salary for my dedication.  My accomplishments ARE the actions and behavior of my children.  How many times have I sat and listened to a professional talk about the great account they landed or the house they sold last week?  Many, many times.  I enjoyed it too.  I enjoyed it because when they spoke of it, it made their eyes light up and they were passionate about it.  Is it wrong for me to expect the same enjoyment of my stories of what I am passionate about? 

Who knows, but I will try my best to curb my need to brag so much to those who I can tell do not enjoy hearing about it.  I understand that it may not be interesting to everyone.  Thank you to all that have listened and a special thank you to those who actually enjoyed hearing it.

Oh, did I mention what my son did……uh….nevermind.

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