It Aint Easy Being Mom, Or Is It?

So I have recently returned home after four days away.  I fully expected to find a house turned upside down, kids still in the same clothes as the ones I left them in and several notes from teachers about missing assignments.  Instead, I walk through the door (with one eye closed to guard me from the expected horror of it all) to find that not only is the house NOT a mess, but in better shape than it had been left.  The dishes were not only done but put away.  Same with the laundry.  The kids were all in bed and as I made my rounds to inspect and kiss each one of them, I noticed that their rooms were immaculate.  The next day’s clothes were also put out in neat little stacks by each child’s bedside. 

This is the point where I started pinching myself and wondered if this was actually my house.  Indeed, it was and I had an hour or so of elation and praised my wonderful husband for taking such good care of things in my absence. 

Then, it hit me….He did almost everything around here that I do, but better.  He was caught up on laundry.  I don’t think I have EVER been caught up on laundry since the kids came along.   Sure, it has been done but not put away as well.  Not to mention how clean the entire house was.  I just about lost it when I opened the fridge to grab a drink and saw that he had cleaned that out too.  And it was perfect.  What the heck did he do, take a toothbrush to the hard to reach spots?  I can’t handle this. That is when the green monster reared its ugly head. 

Now I am mad at him.  That’s right.  He has done everything better than I could have imagined and I am secretly mad at him.  Am I insane?  Why do I want to smack this man who has gone above and beyond to appease me?  Shouldn’t I be glad that he did what he did and how well he did it?  I do not know.

But I do know this….there is only one thing that is going to make this jealousy and feeling of inadequacy go away.  I have to go to his office and do his job better than he does. 

Watch out honey!!!

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8 Responses to It Aint Easy Being Mom, Or Is It?

  1. tooboots says:

    I like your post, but don’t like cartoon you picked to depict your hubby. Is he a smurf? btw….send him to my house because my fridge could stand a good cleaning 🙂

    • Hey, it was either that or one of a billion that showed up of Michael Keaton when I searched Mr. Mom. Don’t start picking on my blog!!! Be nice to the blog. I will send him over right away!

  2. an opinion says:

    Interesting blog. But you sound very spoiled and unappreciative.

    • Thanks, I hope you enjoy it. As far as being spoiled and/or unappreciative, I think the satirical value of my last post may have been lost. I truly appreciate all my darling hubby does for my family, so no, no lack of appreciation. I may be a bit spoiled by my husband, but that is a badge I wear proudly as I feel it is well deserved. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. pretty bootsie fan! says:

    This is so true! I do the exact same things before a trip…including loading & running the dishwasher. And when I get home and the condition of the house is better than when I left it…I’m annoyed.

    But I got revenge, he forgot to pack their snack (once) for school. “Mommy never forgets our snack!”


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