Rainbow Cone Is OPEN!!!!

If you are from the South side, you undoubtably have been to Rainbow Cone Ice Cream on Western Avenue.   If not, then crawl on out from under that rock because I have just found out that they are now open for the season!! I guess they have been open since the first week of March but Orland Park has kept me captive lately and I didn’t notice.

I remember going there as a young child and watching as they slapped on layer after heavenly layer of ice cream to create the legendary cone.  My favorite layer has always been the pistachio but all of them are quite yummy.  It is traditional to wait in the long line (that sometimes runs out the door and around the corner) then once you get your cone you walk around back to the parking lot and find a spot to perch upon and enjoy your ice cream.  Our usual spot is the hood of whatever car we came in.  They have no indoor seating but now have picnic tables out back. 

I recommend the original cone, but they also have smaller cones that are just as good.  If you are going there with very small children, ask for the baby cone which is not on the menu but is available for a little over a dollar. 

Oh, and go before you go because there are NO restrooms there.

I know where we are going for dessert this weekend!

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4 Responses to Rainbow Cone Is OPEN!!!!

  1. Felicitas Cortez says:

    Love Rainbow Cone!! If you ever have the craving but can’t drive to Western Ave, don’t despair…the Creamery also sells original Rainbow ice cream.

    • Rainbow Cone rocks! I know it is a good alternative, but it is just not the same. Maybe if the line was longer and I sat on my car hood at the Creamery it would feel more like the real thing. It’s all about the nostalgia! 🙂

  2. editchickmom says:

    I’m a southsider and I have to admit, I’ve never liked Rainbow Cone! I don’t know what it is exactly, but yuck! And I LOVE ice cream.

    • Really?!?! Maybe if you pinpoint the flavor you dislike and have them omit it? I hated the texture of the cherries in the Palmer House flavor when I was a kid and asked for double Pistachio….mmmmmmm….now I want Pistachio ice cream.

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