Pepper Spray + 8 year old=WTF???

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This morning I stumbled upon an article in the Associated Press about a young boy who was pepper sprayed at school.  I have to admit that at first I chuckled because my warped mind went directly to the scene in  the movie, Hangover,  when the Las Vegas police were having a bit of fun with the guys and handed the kids the tasers.  Except I soon came to the realization that it was the adults with the pepper spray and the smile was wiped from my face. 

What in the world would lead to such craziness?  Mace being used on an 8-year-old seems inconceivable to say the least.  Were they scared to use restraint instead due to fear of a lawsuit if they touched the child?  Well, then I watched the interview of the boy on ABC news.  The mom states that she does not know what else to do but I think an extreme lack of discipline is apparent.  How does a child get to this age and not know that threatening harm upon others is not acceptable? 

I could be wrong (it has happened) and the mom could be a perfect parent and could be doing everything in her power to raise this child right and the kid may just have behavioral issues that have nothing to do with his upbringing.  In that case, he needs help, and quickly.

I am so afraid that someday soon we will hear his name again and it will be attached to a horrible story of how he did actually hurt people.  I mean, how much more obvious of a warning sign could he give? 

I think what really bothered me the most about the story was the mom’s reaction to her son getting pepper sprayed.  She is quoted as saying “Well, you probably deserved it.”  I am sorry lady but if I came to school and learned one of my kids had been attacked with pepper spray, I think I would lose it.  It’s not like they handed him a detention.  An adult sprayed his eyes with pepper spray!!  The only explanation to her reaction is that she knows how terribly behaved her son can be.  She stated that he does not behave this way at home or anywhere else for that matter.  Then take him out of school and home school him or put him in a school for kids with severe behavioral issues. 

This whole situation just rubs me the wrong way and makes me a little hesitant to send my kids to school every weekday morning.

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6 Responses to Pepper Spray + 8 year old=WTF???

  1. Jeff Silvey says:

    I think he was in a school for kids with behavioral issues. Either way, this kids needs help immediately. Big time. This makes me think of Columbine, and how I thought the parents should have done more. But it turned out the kids were smart and secretive and maybe the parents really weren’t aware of everything. But this kid couldn’t be more obvious! You want to say to the mother, “Lady, DO SOMETHING! NOW.”

    • Jeff, I know!! If you watch the video, she seems so “ok” with the fact that her son “kinda” wants to hurt people with a jagged piece of wood he pulled form the wall!! Wake up woman and get that child some help. It made me think Columbine too, and that scares the heck out of me.

  2. datGurl! says:

    I too blogged this and had the same opionion. the child needs help. and I’m not so sure she’s truthful when she says he doesnt act like this at home. Cant go zero to 100 only at school. and she did say in one of the interviews that she had tried meds but ‘they didnt work.’

    OPM is right when she says this brought to mind the Columbine killers- their parents ignored the blatant signs that something wasnt right with their child and look what happened…

    She should concentrate more on getting her son the help he needs instead or cashing a check…


    • I agree that he needs help but I do believe his mother when she says he only acts this way at school. I think at home he gets his way and at school he is made to follow rules and a schedule and that angers him. I just hope someone helps this child.

  3. charlywalker says:

    From the looks of things, and SIZE-ing up the individuals at LARGE, I’d say the offense was an unpaid cafeteria balance……

    Maybe a SALT substitute would work better….

    spread the humor:

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