Summa Summa Summatime!!

Today the temperatures are forecasted to reach 85 degrees!  I am excited, even if tomorrow the temps will only reach into the 50’s.  I want to openly thank Mother Nature for blessing us with this day of warmth. 

As I elicit eye rolls from the peanut gallery by walking around singing DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Summertime, they ask what in the world I am singing.  I realize that they have not yet been graced with the smooth sounds of the Fresh Prince and know him simply as Willow and Jaden’s Dad as well as his many action rolls in movies.  My daughter starts whippin’ her hair back and forth and I cannot take it anymore.  Oh grasshoppers, you have so much to learn.

Time to school da children…..may I present….Summertime!

video: bigwillfan/youtube

Enjoy the day!!

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Mom, writer, domestic goddess, superhero extraordinaire. Yeah, that's me.
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