It’s a Hard Knock Life….For Them

Credit: Columbia Pictures/Annie (1982)

The last time we had a full day confined to the house because of heavy rainfall, I asked my kids to do some extra chores.  Nothing drastic, it just seemed like a lot because they are not used to doing any of them on a regular basis.   That, and the fact that they paused every 5 minutes to complain about how unfair and torturous it was.

One kid was armed with the furniture polish and an old t-shirt, another vacuumed away like a champ.  My eldest had the task of pulling whatever was under the beds in the kids’ rooms, out from under the beds and dealing with whatever was discovered.  His job was the most envied because every once in a while we would hear a shriek from the back of the house of “OH MY GOSH!!!! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!”.  Usually it was a long-lost video game or toy of some sort.  I would walk back and tell them “See, good things come to those who clean their rooms” and cue the collective eye roll from my peanut gallery. 

My youngest guy had the task of putting away the silverware from the dishwasher.  This job fit him perfectly because of his short stature, he needs not bend.  His only restriction was to not touch the black-handled, and very sharp, knives.  He was done with minutes and walked around the house, chin held high, letting it be known that he is far more superior at chores than the other children.  You go, baby.

Ok, so to my point.  My daughter made her way to my bed sometime during the night last night, frightened by the storms.  I held her close and reassured her that the storm would soon pass and she shouldn’t worry.  She turned her little face to me and said “Please tell me you are not going to make us clean again because it is raining!”  I kid you not, I thought she was going to break out into a rendition of Annie’s It’s a hard knock life.  A gigantic storm system was sweeping through the area and she was worried about polishing some furniture?!?!  No, I said, I wasn’t going to, but now that you mention it……  She covered her head with my pillow and grunted in despair. 

Thank you, Mother Nature, for the free slave labor for the day.  I am hoping for rain tomorrow as well, the basement could sure use some spiffing up.  Kidding!!…well….kind of.

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3 Responses to It’s a Hard Knock Life….For Them

  1. Nadia Vraja says:

    That’s too funny!! I got a mental image of that Mr. Mom movie when I read this.

    I bet your daughter is kicking herself now for opening her mouth! At least you didn’t have to do all the work, which I’m sure is normally the case.

    Rain, rain, come again….basement needs some cleanin’!!

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