Mom, What’s a Blago?

On the way back from the grocery store, I was listening to the radio.  My kids were talking amongst themselves when my youngest heard an unfamiliar word and asked, “Mom~ what’s a Blago?”

Well, I answered, it is not so much of a what as a who.  And I tried to think of the best way to explain this situation to a 6 year old.

Then it came to me. 

I said, Do you remember when you were put in time out for taking that popsicle the other day?

“Yes” he said, in a mean voice. 

Well, do you remember why you were put in time out? 

“Because you said no popsicles before dinner and I took one anyway?” 

Yes, I said.  “But do you remember why you were so mad?”

“Because everyone else took one too while you were in the shower and they didn’t get in trouble but they were all staring at me so I wouldn’t tell on them.”

So, you were mad because everyone was guilty of the same thing… yet you were the only one being punished, right?

“Yes, they all took popsicles, too!”

That is a Blago, baby, that there is a Blago.

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2 Responses to Mom, What’s a Blago?

  1. jennifer says:

    Fantastic!! Aren’t we all guilty of being a Blago or at least knowing one? Thanks for explaining this clown in words even a six-year-old can understand 🙂

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