Keep On Barkin’ Orland Park!


The Village of Orland Park is one of 25 nationwide semi-finalists in the PetSafe Dog Park Contest.  Orland Park residents were asked to “Bark for their park” by nominating their home town via the PetSafe Inc. site for a chance to win $100,000 to use towards the development of a dog park. 

Residents answered the call and as a semi-finalist, the village now has to submit a two-minute video that meets PetSafe’s “Bark For Your Park” criteria. 

If you happen to have a dog, a leash and some time on Sunday, June 26th at 10am, then head on over to Centennial Park to be part of the video.  The meeting place is the ice rink warming station, just follow Fun Drive all of the way to the end and make a left. 

If you are one of the first 50 people to arrive (with a dog of course) you will get a free t-shirt.  The more owners and dogs that show up, the better for the video submission and Orland Park’s chances to prove that our village is the best location for the new PetSafe Dog Park. 

Beginning July 13th, residents can go to the PetSafe Bark For Your Park website and vote for Orland Park. 

Get to groomin’ Orland Park, your dog is going to be a STAR! **Jazz hands,err, paws**

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3 Responses to Keep On Barkin’ Orland Park!

  1. Another OP Mom says:

    I wish we could attend on the 26th, but sadly cannot. Orland Park needs a dog park! I see soooo many OP Canines! PetAPalooza really helped highlight that.

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