For Tala

Before meeting the Albakri family, I had never heard of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).  It turns out I’m not alone.  Most people are completely unaware of its existance.  The family, joining efforts with the FSMA foundation, are hoping to change that. 

A fundraiser was organized last Saturday in Orland Park by Tala’s aunt, Manel Salah, to raise money and awareness.

When Tala was 6 months old, a blood test was administered that confirmed she had SMA, a motor neuron disease that affects muscles throughout the body.  Her family, like many of us, were unaware of what the disease was.  They struggled to find answers and are doing all that they can to help find a cure, which currently does not exist.

Tala, now 17 months,  was hospitalized and not well enough to attend Saturday’s event,  but her presence was felt as hundreds showed their support for the little girl and efforts to find a cure for SMA.

For more information about Tala, SMA and the fundraiser, see this post in the Orland Park Patch.

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