School Supply List Shuffle



As usual, I have waited until the very last minute to pick up this year’s school supplies.  Sure, I grabbed a few things last year that I have stored away for this very purpose…, where….did….I put those….whatever, better buy more.

Walgreens had locker shelves on sale for $5 so I picked a few of those up.  I have an infinite supply of #2 pencils, so I can mark that off of the list.  Now I just need 500 packs of loose leaf paper and several thousand red pens and I am set. UGH!!

Jerling Jr. High PFE will be selling the JUMBO SIZE book covers for $2 each, so wait to pick those up until either 6th Grade Orientation this Thursday or Open House on Sept. 1st.  How many times have book covers come home because they are too small?  These are the good, jumbo size that fit those enormous Jr. High books.  Pick up some school supplies while helping our wonderful PFE earn some funds to put towards student activities and projects.

The school supply lists vary by grade and school and include strange items like “flares” and 100 other things that will probably be sent back home to me in June.

If you are as unorganized as I am and need a little direction, some brilliant woman over at Orland Park Patch has put together all District 135 school supply lists into one little convenient package, go check it out!

Happy back to school shopping!

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