A Letter of Gratitude To My Fellow Moms…

Dear Fellow Moms,

Thank you for being there for me.  As a mom, you support me when I need it the most.  A small gesture that may seem miniscule in nature to you very well may have made the difference between a great day and a horrible failure of one.  You understand the pressures we face and, in turn, you strive to alleviate those in any way possible. 

This morning, while running to three different schools to drop off my children, I must have looked a mess.  A fellow mom waved me down, seemingly completely aware of the fact that I had a bazillion things to do that would take at least two hours with only an hours time to do them.  You didn’t point out that last night’s mascara rested comfortably under my eyes.  You made no mention of the McDonald’s bag on the floor of my car that was evidence of the evening before where there was not time to make dinner.  I must have looked like I was about to lose it.

You simply said this “I can drive to the other school this morning, you go take some time for yourself.” I had an 8:30am appointment and was in a time crunch and if I could have wished for some help this morning, that is the wish I would have made.  That extra 25 minutes of time allowed for the small break I needed to make my entire morning flow better, thank you!

Sure, this may seem like nothing, but to me it made a world of difference.  This isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last time a fellow mom has selflessly given of themselves to help another.

I will never forget a time that I was walking into a meeting at a school and had my youngest son with me.  It was no secret that he did not want to be there.  Sure, I had armed myself with handheld video games, snacks, drawing pads and crayons to keep him busy, but knew that after one hour, his patience would run thin.  We were still waiting to go into the conference room and he was already antsy.  Just before we were called back, a fellow mom and friend walked into the office.  She, without batting an eyelash said “Let me take him with me, and you take your time and come and get him when you are done.”  And she did.   She took my son to her home and entertained him, kept him company and made my life, and his, just a little bit easier.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Thank you, fellow mom, for your kindness and for being who you are.

I often joke that I need to clone myself in order to accomplish all of the things on my daily to-do list.  I don’t really think that is necessary anymore.  Because of the amazing moms in my community that have similar goals, morals and values, I have that support system I’ve yearned for.

It does take a village to raise a child, and I am blessed and forever grateful that my fellow moms are part of mine.


About Orland Park Mom

Mom, writer, domestic goddess, superhero extraordinaire. Yeah, that's me.
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