Be Nice!

I had an hour to kill last night between activities and stopped by McD’s with the kids to grab a snack. While there my youngest asked if he could play in the bacteria-filled playplace. I hesitated but obliged since I had antibacterial wipes in my purse but couldn’t help but notice that I was getting the stink eye from another mom with small children.

I let it go until she decided to say very loudly to another mom “isn’t he too old to be playing here?” He is about to turn 8, so no. Yes, he looks like he is older, but who the hell made her the nasty playplace police? I thought about saying something to her, but decided to do so via facial expressions and silent protest instead.

A few minutes later, her young son started crying and was scared to come back down from way up high in the bacteria filled structure. She pleaded with him not to make her climb up to help him.

My “bothersome older kid” carried that little crying boy down the maze of nastiness to his sour faced mom, all the while saying “its ok, don’t be scared, your mom is right there, etc.”

niceWithout a thank you or anything from the angry lady, he came back to see me. I hugged him and told him that was a nice thing to do and that he was such a nice person. “I’m always nice to smaller kids, I remember being small too. People should always be nice to each other, even strangers, right?” I wish some adults had the sense that my baby boy does.

Have a nice day, and be nice to one another!

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8 Responses to Be Nice!

  1. deb trnka says:

    Been there. New moms need to realize that a “bigger kid” is not always a threat, but someones baby. They also need to judge a little less, and observe a little more. 🙂

  2. What a jerk!
    Your son was great – so nice of him. The lady should learn from him.

  3. Rene Round says:

    Way to go, Adam! Please pass along my thank you … ’cause he made me smile!!

  4. Lynne says:

    I commend your son and you for taking the high road. It can be so easy to go the other way. And God don’t I know that!

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