Self-Diagnosis and Forgetfulness

You know that feeling that you have when you know there was something you were supposed to be doing but cannot, for the life of you, remember what that something was?  I have been suffering from that a lot lately.

I come from a long line of hypochondriacs.  Got a cough?  It’s pneumonia.  Headache?  Brain tumor.  Self diagnosis was often done at the dinner table.  Internet medical sites have only made the act of constant self-diagnosis worse.

When I started forgetting about meetings I had scheduled, doctor appointments and my daughter’s dance classes, I instantly started looking for a medical reason for my new ailment.  Lo and behold, I discovered….

Transient Global Amnesia

According to the Mayo Clinic website, Transient Global Amnesia is

” a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss that can’t be attributed to a more common neurological condition, such as epilepsy or stroke. “

This HAD to be what was happening.  No, of course it couldn’t be that I was over-scheduled, forgetful or horrible at keeping track of my busy lifestyle, pffft.  Now I had an excuse.

Didn’t show up for our lunch date?  Transient Global Amnesia.

Forgot your birthday? Not my fault, blame the Transient Global Amnesia.

What? The PFE meeting was yesterday?  That darn Transient Global Amnesia again.

I’m sorry I missed that root canal appointment doctor, I was suffering from the TGA.

Most likely my lifestyle of organized (or unorganized) chaos is a contributing factor to my current ailment, but these tips are proven to help strengthen memory for those of you, like myself, who have been known to forget things:

  • Pistachio nuts. If your memory loss is the result of a thiamine deficiency, pistachio nuts can help. One of the richest sources of thiamine, 1/2 cup supplies 0.54 mg of thiamine.
  • Wheat germ. Wheat germ is a good source of vitamin E, which may help with age-related memory loss.
  • The morning paper. Sit, relax, and turn to the crossword puzzle. This is a great way to exercise your brain and jog your memory.
  • Okra. If not a memorable food, this is at least a memory-enhancing food. So are sweet potatoes, tapioca, and spinach. Fresh fruits, especially oranges, and vegetables, almonds and milk are also good for stimulating the memory.
  • Write it down. Post notes. Keep lists. Mark it on the calendar. Use your smart phone’s calendar to keep track of your appointments.  Disorganization is often the problem.
  • Exercise. This stimulates circulation, which is good for the brain.
  • Meditate. The more you worry about memory loss, the more apt you are to suffer from it. Relax and think about other, more pleasant things.

I am working on all of these things.  Until then, I will just blame the TGA.

*sources: TLC health, Mayo Clinic

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