Making The Most of It

With all of the running around we do while shuttling the kids to school, sports and the such, we end up spending countless hours in the car.  I have come up with a fun way to make the most of these car rides, be them short or long, by incorporating a little laughter and music into the mix.

For example, every morning on the way to school we have sing-a-longs that initially went like this… I sang along with songs on the radio while my older kids sank down in their seats and put their heads in their hands, praying a friend would not pull up alongside us.  My youngest plugged his ears and closed his eyes to avoid the experience and my only daughter sang along with joy as she knew she was torturing her brothers in the process.

As time went on though, the kids have learned that I was determined to keep my musical morning tradition and accepted that if you can’t beat ’em, it is better to join ’em!  Actually, one day last week I was in an especially crappy mood and forgot to begin our sing-a-long and they missed it and reminded me to get started.  I have been entertained with their robot dance moves and air guitars every morning for months.

This morning the radio was tuned into a station that plays 80’s music so the stage was mine.  First up was Wilson Phillips-Hold On, followed by Madonna’s Lucky Star, Phil Collins- In the Air Tonight (oh lord) and ended with the Police-Every Little Thing She Does is Magic.  I was in 80’s music heaven.

Sure, it is embarrassing when I carpool with neighborhood kids, but hey, that’s half the fun.

Sure, it may sound cheesy, well, I know it does.  Consider this though, they get out of the car with smiles on their face and laughter in their hearts, ready to begin their day.

So, the next time you find yourself caught in traffic, turn that radio on and connect with your kiddos, I promise you a completely embarrassing, fun and joyful experience that will make the most of those mundane car rides.

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1 Response to Making The Most of It

  1. OP Mom Too says:

    I love embarrasing my kids dancing around in the car. It’s funny how many 80’s songs and artists that they know. They can even recognize any Bon Jovi song in the first 5 seconds. 🙂

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