Ruse Burglary in Orland Park


I received a robocall yesterday from the Village of Orland Park to warn of a burglary that had taken place in the area.  If my memory serves me correctly, this is not something new.  The robbers seem to follow the same pattern; distract the homeowner (who is usually elderly) while another robber enters the home and steals cash, jewelry and other valuables.

There are simple steps you can take to avoid this happening to you.

  • If someone comes to your door and wants to sell you anything, ask them to leave a card in your mailbox.
  • If they claim they are from a utility company, call and verify that someone has been sent to your home.  I have never had an instance where the utility companies sent someone out without first notifying me if  they needed to enter my home.
  • Do NOT open the door for anyone you do not know.
  • Tell your elderly grandparents/ parents/neighbors about what is happening, make them aware of this.
  • Tell your children about this as well since our older children can sometimes be home alone.  My general rule when leaving my older children home is that they do not open the door for anyone unless it is an emergency (police/fire) or family.
  •  If you suspect something fishy, call the police, that is what they are there for, to serve and protect.


It is sad that we have to worry about this type of thing, but it is a reality. 

Stay safe Orland Park!

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